New tax regulation and legal considerations in Mexico for local and foreign digital platforms

June 18th 2020

Thanks for joining us in our webinar. You can download the presentation or watch the recording for the webinar where we reviewed the different provisions that the Mexican government has enacted and are in effect as of June 1st as part of the 2020 Tax Reform for Digital Platforms. The provisions establish a new regulatory framework that will affect all operations made through digital platforms and represent important challenges for individuals and companies that interact through them with the objective of doing business in Mexico and we went into detail on the potential practical and technical aspects that derive from these new compliance obligations. The matter was discussed with DENTONS, a law firm that complemented on the legal aspects of the implementation of this regime.


  1. Background on digital economy- where we’re at and what brought us here.

  2. Regulatory environment for digital and technological platforms

  3. Practical and technical issues and considerations related to the new income tax and vat obligations.


To download the presentation click here

Watch it here:

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